World Data Center

Global People Monitoring Platform.

Real-time access to public information to make good business, financial transactions, and staff hiring decisions.

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Our company

Our company is an association of engineers specialized in communications, IT, and technology founded in 1997 in order to offer advice and training services, as well as to develop practical tools that help governments and law enforcement agencies conduct their investigation and intelligence tasks to prevent crime on a daily basis.

As this system is also devised to gather information about prospective customers or employees (HR), it is a very attractive tool for companies.

It is public knowledge that one of the unwanted results of globalization is that now both ordinary and organized crime have commercially available technology to commit crimes. Consequently, sometimes this puts governments and law enforcement agencies at a disadvantage in terms of their equipment to prevent crime. Due to the current economic situation in both Latin America and Europe, the budget for Security, Intelligence, and Counterintelligence was cut, thus giving criminals a unique and singular advantage.

Real-time access to public information to make good business, financial transactions, and staff hiring decisions.

WDC enables data migration from strategic, tactical and data bases to create intelligence automation work flow.

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WDC monitors predefined targets in real - time, enabling global coverage on practically any entity.
Saves valuable time by proving critical Intelligence Information and broadening the agency coverage.

Empowers novice users, with no prior analysis experience, to fully utilize its capabilities and aluable insights on any target.

Realtime data collection and Alerting offers significant proactive threats prevention capabilities by identifying potential threats inception and characteristics.


The report includes key information such as:
Entity Real Names, Nick Names, Aliases Entity Usernames used for various platforms Visual Images of the Entity Date / Place of birth Additional related Phone Numbers E-mail Accounts Social Network Accounts Country Level Presence Phone Connectivity Status IMSI Cellular Provider ISP Related Organizations (Work, Military, Academic, more...)


Using a single Input to expose the full identity and profile of a Person Of Interest
The WDC System is a Strategic Level end-to-end solution enabling Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies to Expose, collect, process, analyze and extract significant intelligence insights revealing the real Identity of the user. The Real Time solution enables the Intelligence Analyst to expose and profile practically any human entity.
The WDC system works on any number globally without limitations of location or network. These operations are completely non-intrusive with Zero activity on the target Phone and are fully stealth making it impossible to trace.